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We are your partner in maintaining continuity of care.
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As the demand for healthcare services fluctuates rapidly, facility managers have to match care demands with personnel on the fly. Old and new licensed nursing practitioners now also face a market that quickly changes. How can the two meet and achieve their respective goals?

FlexiCare Medical Staffing, LLC Knows

We keep our fingers on the pulse of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, ensuring that providers and employees stay on top. Our healthcare recruitment experts offer the latest knowledge in industry standards and hiring for both the states of Tennessee and Mississippi.

Combined with a passion for quality customer service, we ensure that:

  • Prospective employees find the positions that match their expertise and provide the best pay and work conditions,
  • Employers achieve their faculty quotas for both short and long-term contract arrangements, and
  • Help reduce costs, waiting times, and turnovers for overall satisfaction

Human Touch in Everything We Do

Our client-centered approach lets us focus on the unique needs of both job seekers and employers. We balance their needs and ensure continuity of care, benefiting the average American above all.

Our Mission

As a provider of nurse staffing solutions, we aim to improve standards of hiring and placement to secure both the quality of service of healthcare providers and the career satisfaction of licensed nursing practitioners, all for the benefit of the everyday American in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Our Vision

We aim to join leading healthcare institutions in the nation in advancing healthcare standards through the maintenance of support systems By reducing the difficulties both providers and employees face, we will help keep patient care at its best.

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